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Maple Syrup Process

What is maple syrup:

Maple syrup is a pure sweetener that is concentrated from sap of hard maple trees.  Pure maple syrup has no additives or preservatives and must be refrigerated after opening.  Originally discovered by Native Americans, maple syrup was a staple of early Americans diets. It was made in the spring of the year and stored for use throughout the remainder of the year. Maple syrup can only be made in the spring of the year.  The syrup crop is influenced by weather related things like temperature and moisture available for the trees.

When & how syrup is made:

During the time of the sugar maple moon, when there are warm days and freezing nights the sap begins to run.  In Door County, WI this is usually from mid-March to mid- April.  The trees are tapped with a 5/16" bit and a spout is put into the tree. Our sugarbush uses 2400 taps which directs sap to either buckets or tubing.  It takes an average of 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of pure maple syrup. The sap needs to be processed in a timely manner to ensure that a quality syrup is produced.

The sap is collected and brought to our state licensed sap house for cooking.  The clear sap is checked for its sweetness (sugar content).  Sap flows onto the 4' x 14' wood-fired evaporator. The fire box on the evaporator is filled with wood about every 20 minutes during the cooking process.  While on the evaporator, the sap boils and condenses into syrup.  The evaporator produces about 5 gallons of maple syrup per hour.  The syrup is filtered twice and bottled at over 200 degrees into a variety of containers.

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