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Pure Door County Maple Syrup and Gifts
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Pure and simple...that's how our maple syrup is made. Cold, freezing nights and warm days each Spring in Door County get the sap dripping from the hundred year old maple trees. Once collected, we do it the "old-fashioned way" boiling the sap over a wood fire, just like Grandpa Staats did 50 years ago.



Taste our Door County Maple Syrup yourself...it's got the same rich flavor it did four generations ago, coming from the same trees in the woods on Country View Road. Stop by and pick up a bottle or two for yourself or for a friend. You might not be able to to bring back a mild Door County summer or a cold, crisp winter, but you sure can bring back a bottle of what it produces: Door County Maple Syrup from CVF Maple, LLC.


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