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About Us

The syrup making process started at CVF Maple, LLC in the 1940’s.  It was a springtime hobby for Milton Staats, the father of current owners, Ed and Ken Staats.  In the beginning, the sap was gathered from the buckets with a horse drawn sleigh and cooked over an open fire in a big black kettle.  The boys learned the tradition of maple syrup making from their father.  It was developed into a complimentary business for the dairy operations of Ed Staats and Ken Staats.
The sap house is located on the farm that was the homesteaded by Ed and Ken’s great grandfather in 1883.  Both families continue with Grandpa Milton’s springtime hobby. The fourth generation of the Staats family are now learning the fine points of maple syrup production.

CVF Maple, LLC, Door County, Wisconsin
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